What is the teaching style here at RSM?
We teach our students in a relaxed social context, teaching them English by experiencing real-life situations, by answering thought-provoking questions and engaging with the environment around them. We have a passion for adventure and travel, culture, music, sport, art, history, philosophy and literature. We shape our students to become creative leaders who encourage new perspective and embrace mistakes in order to learn. Here at RSM, we teach students of all ages and customise our learning approach based on their lifestyle, aptitude of the English language and their goals.

How will I be taught?
Our teaching method in each includes all four elements: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each class follows the PPP methodology of the teacher producing the learning material to the student; the student practicing what they have learnt; and the student subsequently producing their own thoughts and feelings freely from what they have been taught.

Where can I be taught?
Ensuring the student is comfortable is of the highest importance to us. Therefore, the location is decided upon by the student or their guardian. We encourage learning in a social environment so we can make learning fun, interactive and engaging.
We are based in the heart of Moscow. We can travel around the city and outer suburbs. We can also travel outside of Moscow, however, additional charges will apply.

Do we include Russian translation in our teachings?
No, we do not. Our classes and communications are solely in English. Translators, however can be arranged. Our Russian contact centre can help answer any queries you or your guardian may have.

Why study with RSM?
We do not provide the standard English class. We do not pretend to be something we are not. We create a holistic, personal experience for every student. We aim to not just provide an English class, but a class introducing worlds and possibilities you have not yet been exposed to. At RSM, we focus on optimising the journey as well as the outcome.

Any other questions?
Please feel free to email us at royalschoolofmelbourne@gmail.com
You can call us on +7 (910) 429-69-34
We also have Whatsapp: +61 432-097-250